"The Warriors team was prompt, extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with. They had smiles on their faces and rolled through training with our middle schoolers all the way down to our kindergarten students. All of us were amazed at how the Warriors were able to have fun with and connect with ALL of our students, from our best athletes in the older grades, all the way down to the littles ones, and even interacted with grace and tenderness to our special needs students. I would most definitely recommend that you book your group for a Junior Warriors Clinic! Your group, like our students, will have a ton of fun and become rugby enthusiasts."

- ATHLOS Academy Athletic Director

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"It was a good clinic and a great value to get tickets to the Warriors game as well! They were very engaging with the little ruggers and knowledgeable with age-appropriate instruction and games! Thank you Jr. Warriors!"

"We brought two special needs boys and our son to the clinic. The staff made their day and really made them feel special through the clinic and during the game! Thanks for having us!"

"The clinic was great! There were plenty of water breaks, but they were short and the children were engaged the entire time. The length of each activity was perfect to keep everyone working and on task."

- Pre Game Clinic | Jr. Warriors Parents 


"This was such an awesome experience for our club kids. They kept asking, "can we play that sport every day?" It was also great to see the group management skills that they had in order to keep the clinic flowing smoothly. They had kids ranging ages 7-17 in there and every time I kept peeking in they were all engaged. Overall we loved having the Warriors here and hope to see them again sometime!"

- Sugarhouse Boys & Girls Club Teen Director


"The teens were skeptical going in at first, but at the end of the night you were the talk of the club! Be proud because a number of the teens who were participating don't typically resonate with sports, and yet they couldn't stop talking about rugby and want to look into playing for real."

- Spence Eccles, Boys & Girls Club Teen Director


"The Jr. Warriors is a great connection between the community and professional rugby. I want to teach children and their parents about the fundamentals of the game as well as the culture and traditions that make this sport so special."

- Ashlee Byrge, Former USA Eagle/Jr. Warriors Manager


"We have created a program that is focused on letting youth players learn the sport of rugby in a fun environment that is play centric."

- Brandon Sparks, General Manager of Utah Warriors

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